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The Word is DEFICIT

March 1, 2011

Over here on Capitol Hill (and everywhere around the county I imagine) the word ‘deficit’ has become synonymous with waste, carelessness, and over-spending by Government.

It’s as if the word ‘deficit’ has been resurrected from the depths.  Everyone is jumping at the chance to use this untried word, which will surely make a headline.

While it’s true that the fiscal situation of the U.S. is concerning, the backlash has been shocking.

If deficit is truly to become the word of this era, I think it’s only reasonable to point out that our country is facing many ‘deficits’, all of which are vitally important to our future.

Our country is facing an educational deficit…

Our country is facing a deficit towards action on climate change…

Our country has a deficit in peaceful prevention of conflict…

Our country has a deficit in helping the poor and disadvantaged…

These issues fall under the first definition of ‘deficit’ that is “a deficiency in amount or quality.”

I wonder what it would be like if these issues fell under the definition that we are accustomed to using, “an excess of expenditure”?

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