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Success: Four Republican Senators publicly support New START

December 13, 2010

Last week Sens. Collins, and Snowe endorsed the New START Treaty and Sen. Scott Brown called for a vote on the New START Treaty. In comments on the Senate floor during debate on New START, Sen. Isakson endorsed the treaty. In announcing their support of New START, they are joining our diplomats, military leaders, and foreign policy establishment in calling for a reduction in the number of nuclear weapons.

In her statement of support for ratification, Sen. Collins said, “The New START represents a continued effort to achieve mutual and verifiable reductions in nuclear weapons… I support the President’s commitment to reduce not only the number of strategic nuclear weapons through the New START treaty, but also to reduce, in the future, those weapons that are most vulnerable to theft and misuse – and those are tactical nuclear weapons.”

Sen. Snowe expressed her confidence that New START makes America safer when she said, “New START will provide predictability in our relationship with Russia and thus enhance global stability, and most importantly, our national security.”

Scott Brown believes that, “The next thing… we should do… is START” because without the verification regimes established in the Treaty, we are not following President Reagan’s advice to “trust, but verify”.

The statements of Sens. Collins, Snowe, Brown, and Isakson clearly articulate the importance and urgency of ratification during the lame-duck session. Some senators, however, are still threatening to block a vote.

Please help us make sure that doesn’t happen. Please call your senator and ask five other people in your state to do the same.

Sens. Collins, Snowe and Brown only publicly endorsed New START after numerous FCNL constituents and others called, wrote to, and met with them to convey how important ratification of the New START Treaty is for our security.

I have worked first hand with FCNL’s grassroots lobbyists in these and other target states to enable them to get the message to their senators that New START will make our world safer. Our grassroots lobbyists have organized talks at Rotary Clubs and briefed Bishops, Archbishops and other faith leaders. We have also worked with military officers, business people, and peace activists.

As you can see, this work has paid off! Your financial contributions make this grassroots organizing possible. Please help us persuade as many senators as possible to vote for ratification. Will you make a secure, online contribution of $20, $35, $50, $100, or $500 to help?

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