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November 22, 2010

On November 13th the New York Times launched an online  interactive you-fix-the-deficit-puzzle.  The Budget Puzzle allows readers to pick and choose what they would cut from the budget or what taxes they would raise in order to close the ballooning deficit.  The puzzle has been well received with over 1 million views.

A full tabulation of the responses has not yet been compiled, but a sample has been taken from over 11,000 Twitter messages about the puzzle.  This sample is definitely not a purely scientific sample size, but it does give an insight into how people (Twitter tends to be used by younger people) think we should fix the deficit.

Can you guess what the most popular option among all respondents was????? 

79% opted to reduce the Military to less than its size before the Iraq war!

71% opted to reduce the nuclear arsenal!

69% opted to cancel or delay some weapons programs!

Also, lets not forget that the Budget-Puzzle was limited in its scope.  What other areas could we limit spending, or what other solutions do you have for the deficit?


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  1. Alicia McBride permalink
    November 23, 2010 3:13 pm

    Interesting critique of the budget tool in the Columbia Journalism Review

    “I even played the game myself, solving the deficit with a mixture of 69% tax increases and 31% spending cuts. Still, I’m not a huge fan of the way it’s been executed in practice of the way that the NYT makes it both too easy and too difficult to “win” the game….The too-easy part comes on the spending-cut side….The too-hard part comes on the tax-hike side, where the options are far too limited.”


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