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What is History & those ‘Better Angels’ Trying to Tell Us?

May 27, 2010

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you probably have noticed that I appreciate many of the articles published in and posted by Yes! Magazine. What draws me to their stories is often two-fold. In part it is because they remind me that there are people all across this country who are working for justice, social change, and peace in some of the most creative ways possible. The other part is a reminder that these are more often than not,  regular people. These stories don’t center on the law makers, celebrities, or millionaire businesspeople – but rather on people who could just as easily be your next door neighbor as someone featured in a magazine.

The article I read today was no exception. Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the immigration issue in the United States and the recent request by President Obama to send more National Guard troops to our border with Mexico (a border we were ‘celebrating’ just a week ago on the White House lawn).

Recognizing that immigration will almost certainly be the civil rights issue of my generation, I wonder what I can do? While a part of me wishes I could hop on a plane and join in the marches in Arizona, that’s not necessarily in my nature (or my budget), but I can choose to boycott as many Arizona based companies as possible, and I can choose to share the stories I come across that move me to action.

Working with immigrant communities in Greensboro, NC during college was one of the most informative parts of my education, teaching me to look beyond an accent, or a ‘legal‘ status to the person in front of me and the story they had to share. This article by Kety Esquivel is worth the read, and who knows, perhaps the “better angels of our nature” will compel us each to ‘act’ in whatever way we feel moved to at this critical time in our history.

In peace and hope,

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