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Training to make prosecution of sexual assault cases more successful

April 21, 2010

One of the greatest safety and justice-related concerns in Indian Country is the widespread sexual and physical violence against women, and how little is and can be done about it. One in three American Indian/Alaska Native women will be raped in her lifetime, and the number who will be subject to domestic violence is even higher. Disturbingly, over 80% of these sexual assaults are committed by non-Native men.

Æquitas is “a new technical assistance and training provider created to address the needs of prosecutors and allied professionals – particularly OVW grantees – who work on issues related to the prosecution of violence against women.” They are holding a training May 19-21 in St. Paul, MN, which will address ways to “identify, evaluate and overcome obstacles related to the successful investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases involving American Indian women in P.L. 280 jurisdictions.Public Law 280 transferred much of the federal government’s jurisdiction over Indian Country to states. This free training is open to state and tribal victim advocates, law enforcement, health care providers (including SANEs/SAFEs), and prosecutors in P.L. 280 jurisdictions. For more information, see Æquitas’ website.

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