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FCNL Joins More Than One Hundred Thousand Supporters to March for Immigration Reform

March 25, 2010

Change takes courage and faith. On Sunday, March 21st, more than 100,000 supporters of humane immigration reform gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC, to send this urgent message to Congress. This rally, which attracted news coverage from New York to California, brought together people from all corners of the country to stand in solidarity for immigrants’ rights.

From day laborers and union organizers, to children whose parents had been deported, to people of faith striving to welcome the stranger, to students whose lack of papers prevents them from attending college, all came together with one unified message: Immigration reform can’t wait.

Recently we’ve seen President Obama meet with Senator Schumer (NY) and Senator Graham (SC) to discuss immigration reform. We’ve seen an op-ed outlining the bipartisan Senate bill, which has not yet been introduced. We’ve seen a Senator Reid commit to make time on the Senate floor for a debate on immigration reform. But we haven’t yet seen the political will – the courage – to take the critical next step.

As Representative Gutierrez (IL) said at the rally, “Justice for immigrants cannot wait. It cannot be delayed because of the fears of politicians.”

Now is the time for bold leadership. Now is the time for the introduction of a humane and just immigration reform bill in the Senate. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Couldn’t make it to DC? Check out this video from Democracy Now. And take a look at these photos, taken by FCNL’s Rebecca Sheff, of the many thousands of supporters who made the trek to DC for this historic day.

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