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Juanes at FCNL!

March 10, 2010

For many at FCNL, that didn’t mean very much, but for me and a couple of the other interns it meant a lot.  Juanes, an internationally known Colombian singer who has won more Latin Grammys than any other one musician, came to FCNL.  To my colleagues here at FCNL I’ve been describing him as the  “Justin Timberlake of Latin America.”

For me part of the appeal is that he is a pop artist who not only sings about broken hearts but he also sings about political and social messages in his music.  Even more evidence of the humanitarian side of this dashing Latin singer,  is his participation with the United States Campaign to Ban Landmines.  FCNL has played a strong role in this issue for many years.  An issue that directly affects Colombians as well as many other countries that have a history of US military presence.   It is this involvement that brought him to FCNL today.

Juanes and Joe Volk with War Is Not the Anwser sign

Juanes with Joe Volk in front of FCNL's building

This afternoon, the group, United States Campaign to Ban Landmines (USCBL) met in FCNL’s downstairs conference room.  About five of the FCNL interns hovered near the front door for about 30 minutes prior to when we thought he might show up.  When he finally came, I was too embarrassed to introduce myself, so instead I hovered behind a wall, hoping to a catch a glimpse.

At the end of the meeting, Tommy Bobo, an FCNL staff member, took some photos of the Campaign to Ban Landmines group with Joe Volk,  Juanes, and a War Is Not the Answer sign.    You can get a free War Is Not the Answer sign, like Juanes did, here.

What you can’t see in the picture are the silver shoes Juanes was wearing!  Don’t worry, after the pictures were taken, I finally introduced myself to him and shook his hand.  It has been quite a day here on 2nd and Cst.  If only every day was this eventful.

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