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Snow-cabulary – Focus on the Positive

February 12, 2010

Well – some of us were finally able to return to the FCNL office this morning, braving the wind, 30 minute waits for the very slow (but finally running) Metro, and the crowds of people anxious to get back to work. I have to say, being from New Hampshire, I never thought so many new words would come out of 5 straight days of winter storms and blizzard conditions. All across the country you’ve likely heard about Snowpocolypse and Snowmagedon… but for those of us who’ve been stuck in our houses and apartments for 5 days, we started getting creative. So we can now add SnOMG (Snowmygod), Snowdiculous, Snowdundent, Snoverkill, and Snowgatory to the snow-cabulary list.

While these words are mostly negative and certainly do not fit well with FCNL’s goals of non-military (or violent) speech – they have helped us express our frustration with the oodles of cold, white, fluff that has descended on the DC metro area.

Being back in the office now and looking out over a sunny and snow covered city though puts this into perspective a bit. Yes – it’s a ton of snow and has broken all records for DC snow fall in a single winter – but it’s also given this fast-paced, hard-working, sometimes-cut-off Capitol a chance to breath and perhaps reevaluate what’s really important. Personally, it’s forcing me to remember that all this snow (even when it disrupts the best laid plans) can be fun, and it might even remind us to look for the positive things, through the sometimes ‘blinding snow’?

In peace,


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