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Holiday Break=More time to talk about FCNL

January 6, 2010

I’m finally back in D.C. after spending the holidays at home in Los Angeles (finally arriving home two days later then I had originally planned). I was so happy to be in L.A.: able to slip on my sandles, soak in the beautiful weather, and visit my family and friends.

A lot of what I did at home, however, was talk about FCNL. I wasn’t acting in any official capacity; I wasn’t visiting constituents. I was talking to family and friends about FCNL, because they had so many questions about the organization and the work of FCNL.

Most (probably all) of my friends and family hadn’t heard of FCNL until I got my internship here (although almost all of them had seen a WINA bumper sticker), and it wasn’t really until after I started working here that I felt I could adequately explain the type of work we do here and answer all of their questions.

I was really happy to be able to inform people about FCNL and our work. Talking about FCNL made me feel really happy about working here and really proud of the work we do here. I was glad to be able to introduce FCNL to a new group of people. Even though I know that many of them (particularly those who are friends of my parents) aren’t destined to become E-news or LAM subscribers, I think it was good for them to learn about FCNL.

In addition to talking a lot about FCNL over my holiday break, I had a wonderful time going to Disneyland, catching up on my movie watching, cooking wonderful food for my family, and celebrating the holidays with close family friends.

I’m looking forward to 2010.


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