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Snowed In

December 20, 2009

Normally there aren’t any blog posts here on the weekends, because we’re all out enjoying DC on Saturdays and Sundays. But, as I sit here at my house, almost completely snowed in, trying, in any way I can, to get information about my flight and find a way to airport, I am reminded why I am fighting so hard to go home.

It’s not just because I would rather be in snow-free, sunny Los Angeles (although I can’t deny how nice that sounds), but because I want so badly to be at home with my friends and family. This whole experience is reminding me why I love home so much, and why I relish every trip to L.A.

Home to me isn’t just the house I grew up in, where my parents still live, it’s my neighborhood, my old schools, the libraries where I spend hours browsing the collections, the tennis courts where my father taught me to play tennis, the restaurants where we’re regulars, my friends who live 5 minutes away and 40 minutes away, and my family who are scattered throughout the Southern California region. Home is where I feel safe and comfortable. The city itself is also part of my definition of home. I love exploring Los Angeles and discovering new sites.

All of this adds up to me not really being a snow-loving person. I’m no stranger to snow: for almost 15 years I’ve spent part of my winters in New Jersey, and I lived in Pennsylvania for two years. Still, I never had snowball fights growing up, never went sledding, and never built a snowman. And I’m ok with that; I’m a Southern California girl at heart. I love the sun and wearing flip-flops year round.

Regardless of how much I wish I were sitting on a plane right now heading for home, I’m still snowed in, waiting as patiently as I can for news of when the airport will open, when my flight will take off, if I can even get to the airport.

Have a wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year!


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