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December 10, 2009

Recently, I have discovered a wonderful blog that combines my love of history, my interest in politics, and my obsession with dry humor and sarcasm into one great ball of awesomeness.

The blog, The Edge of the American West, was started by two History professors from my alma mater, UC Davis. Professors Eric Rauchway and Ari Kelman are two highly regarded professors of U.S. History at Davis. I was a tad sad to have graduated this past June without having taken a class taught by either one. At one point I was signed up for a class with Prof. Rauchway, but was convinced to drop it because it was so similar to other History classes I had taken. Tant pis.

Since the start of the blog, other contributors have joined, including one of my all-time favorite Davis professors, Kathy Olmstead. Prof. Olmstead is a U.S. historian specializing in 20th century history and conspiracy theories. You know how some professors stick with you, and you remember them long after the final exam was taken? Prof. Olmstead is one of those professors.

The Edge of the American West discusses history and politics in a way that is accessible to all readers, and they do it with a fresh dose of humor and wit. And sometimes they even talk about pop culture as Prof. Olmstead does in her entry about the 1960’s era TV show, “Mad Men.”

Professors Rauchway and Kelman are even able to keep the mood light when discussing, quite frankly, the effects of the recent troubles going on in the University of California system. They talk quite specifically about how budget cuts and fee increases are affecting professors at UC Davis and their ability to effectively teach students and conduct research. As a UC alum, I am quite upset with the recent tuition increases and the programs that will be cut because the system does not have the money to adequately support the programs.

I encourage you to check out The Edge of the American West, because History is fun!


P.S. Today is Human Rights Day, and you should check out some of the fabulous FCNL blog posts recently written to commemorate the day.

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