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September 16, 2009

I am someone who absolutely loves to watch movies. It’s sometimes scary, but there are definitely lines from my favorites that just stay stuck in my mind. To me, films can offer a view into an other way of life that I might not get otherwise, and while I won’t pretend that all my movie choices are based on important social issues, often times the best films I have watched are not centered on the easiest topics.

Recently I watched a film called “The Visitor,” that Rebecca has also written about on the Immigration Blog (see the trailer of the video by visiting the Immigration Blog). This movie did not end all tied up in a nice, neat package and while that might have garnered it more attention from the ‘mainstream’ media – I think it is this incompleteness that makes the movie so great. It’s real and it deals with issues that face real people everyday.

In traveling across the United States this summer and in my travels abroad, I’ve found that connecting with people about the real things that happen in their everyday lives are how you make the longest lasting friendships and can figure out together how to affect the most change. I wonder if part of my affinity for films that showcase this sort of humanity has to do with a desire to help people connect with each other? Just a thought…


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