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Lessons from my mom

July 13, 2009

This is my mom and me at my college graduation dinner. I bring up my mother (something I haven’t done yet on this blog) because she raised a point while we were driving up to a family gathering in Vermont over July 4 weekend that I hear all the time from FCNL supporters. Our conversation when something like this:

Mom: What have you been up to at work lately?

Me: You know, sending out emails — have you read any of them? Have you written to Rep. Holt? (I’m from NJ-12)

Mom: (Sigh) Noooo. I’m too busy.

Me: What! It only takes five minutes.

Mom: I know, but I get so many emails — I don’t contact congress for any of them.

Me: Well, first of all, FCNL emails are better (wink wink) and also, I don’t believe that you gave birth to the people sending any of those other emails (Sassy, I know — long road trip).

Cut to last week. I find this email in my inbox:

Subject: Sent my first letter through FCNL

Hi Caroline,

Okay, I sent my first FCNL letters on F-22’s to Lautenberg and Menedez. Now, I’m hoping to be included in a Blog post from YOU before you leave FCNL!!!!

Love, Mom

So there you have it. If my mother, who runs a school and is currently dealing with many visiting relatives, had time to send an email to the New Jersey senators AND send her daughter an email successfully bribing her to write a blog post, then surely you can find the time to contact congress as well.

So go on — take action! (I promise. It only takes five minutes. Comment here if it takes longer. The action link will take you to a chance to write Congress about getting out of Afghanistan.)

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