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Barack Obama makes me feel: a) very happy b) happy

May 4, 2009

There have been many many articles written about how ordinary Americans look up to the Obamas in a way that they haven’t looked up to a first family in a long while. In my humble opinion they are perfect role models — educated and successful, yet down to earth, healthy and fashionable, but not unattainably so.

Last week in the E-news FCNL asked that people take a survey reflecting the president’s first 100 days in office. Overwhelmingly, people said that they were happy with the beginning to the presidency. I concur with that assesment! Why? Because I’m happy that our country has good role models to look up to, to consider as our neighbors and countrymen of course! This is is reiterated in a story about high school students in New York state who use the term “baracking” as a synonym for doing well. Now that’s inspiring.

So, cheers to the first family — may they continue to hold up under the strain of the most challenging moment to be in power we’ve seen in a while!!

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