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George F. Will: Off His Rocker

April 16, 2009

Since moving to the District my opinion of George F. Will has evolved a number of times. For much of the first year I just thought he was a conservative op-ed writer for the Post. I didn’t agree with much of what he said, but I occasionally read his stuff over breakfast in the morning.

Last year I revised my opinion of Mr. Will when I saw him on This Week with George Stephanopoulos defending John McCain’s ignorance about sending emails. No matter, said Will, he didn’t know how either, but really that was what Georgetown interns are for.

Oh dear. It became clear to me that this man was clearly on the decline. Soon he would be irrelevant. But I shrugged and went on my way, occasionally telling the anecdote at parties, but generally focusing on the election, graduate school applications, and my new neighbors the Obamas.

This morning George F. Will was rudely brought back into my consciousness by this piece on denim. It proved to me two things: 1) George F. Will has gone over the edge into full-blown insanity and 2) The Washington Post op-ed page has a sick sense of humor.

The column expounds on the tragedy that is the prevalence of denim on American society today. Where is the self-respect and propriety of yore? Why are intelligent bourgeois people confusing themselves with the lower classes by sporting denim like a common worker?

My thoughts for George: 1) You should check out some of the dark wash trouser jeans ladies are sporting these days. They go great with my pearls. 2) You might want to hide your classist tendencies a little better — the little people can read the Post on the internet. (That’s where Georgetown interns find it, while they’re checking your email. And you should see what they wear to basketball games!)

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