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More reflections from a Jr. Intern

April 13, 2009

Periodically, FCNL hosts Jr. Interns or long term volunteers here at the office. We are always incredibly lucky to benefit from the hard work and enthusiasm of our Jr. Interns and appreciate the added cheer that they bring to the office. Today we are bidding fairwell to our most recent Jr. Intern, Sean, a high school student from Maryland. Here is his reflection on his time with FCNL:

My name is Sean and I’m a senior in high school, junior interning at the FCNL. At my school, Thornton Friends in Silver Spring, the seniors are required to do a project over the course of two weeks that exposes them to the real world. When I decided to try to intern at the FCNL, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, I knew what the FCNL was, but I had no real idea what they did or how they got there.

Through my teacher Mike, I got in contact with Barb Platt, who in turn handed me over to Christine. Ever since we first started talking, Christine has been one of the nicest people I’ve met to date. In fact, the FCNL has been amazing to me. Not only on the level of me being an intern for them, but as a person in general. The first day I got here, I felt so welcomed and appreciated. It has been the most awe-inspiring community I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s a bit hard to swallow that I’m going and leaving the ability to come in at 9:10, be asked how I’ve been, and listen to a conversation of others who are also coming in.

Christine and Stephen both tried their hardest to find interesting things for me to do. This effort alone was worth it when they gave me the opportunity to go to an indoor-rally, a meeting about problems in Africa, to talk to lobbyists in the Immigration and Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict fields. I’ve learned an admirable chunk of information through all these opportunities and am happy that I’ll be be to talk to my school about the FCNL, confident I know enough about the organization and people to make a successful presentation.

I wanna thank everyone at the FCNL who made conversation with me and gave me a heart-warming environment to intern in! I would’ve met more people but, you know, envelopes and address changes. 😛

Peace and Thanks,

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