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Take 10 Min: Tell Congress to Stop the Killing in Gaza!

January 10, 2009

Take 10 Min to Tell Congress to Stop the Killing in Gaza and Spread the Word!

In less than 10 min, 200 Palestinians were killed and hundreds wounded on December 27th. In that same amount of your time, you could write all the people who are supposed to represent you to call for an immediate ceasefire and an opening of Gaza’s borders to humanitarian aidhere.

The House and the Senate just passed resolutions that give Israel a green-light to escalate its attacks on Gaza. Members of Congress will continue to issue press statements, make floor speeches, and give interviews on the crisis—which will heavily influence how Bush and Obama respond. The response from Congress carries tremendous weight in Israel—leaders from the two countries are in constant contact, and even in the midst of the carnage the U.S. is supplying ammunition to Israel.

Multiple staffers from Congress have called my office asking for us to generate more letters to Congress—this has never happened to me before. Usually they ask us to stop sending messages—this time they are wondering why it is that peace groups aren’t deluging their office like the groups supporting continued attacks on Gaza. They need avalanches of emails and phone calls to convince their bosses to speak out against Israel’s massive bombing campaign. Even though Americans are almost evenly split about supporting Israel’s bombardment on Gaza, extremists who support even greater attacks on Gaza have generated far more contact with Congress. Members of Congress need to hear they have support from their voters—or they will keep passing resolutions that are licenses to kill.

It takes 5 minutes for you to tell the people that are supposed to represent you (if you’re an American voter) to support an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian access to Gaza, as endorsed by the UN Security Council unanimously (while the U.S. abstained). Just click here, put in your zip code, and a letter will appear automatically. When you click send it will go to your senators, rep, Bush, and Obama as soon as he takes office. It’s best if you can personalize the letter with info about yourself, but the main point is to send it and spread the word with our “tell a friend” system. We will keep the link updated.

Everybody—American or not—should sign the global Avaaz petition to the UN, US, European Union, and the Arab League calling for an immediate ceasefire and lifting the blockade on humanitarian aid to Gaza. The petition, with the number of signatories, will be published in the Washington Post—one of the most powerful media institutions in the world.

This is not just an Israeli invasion and forced regime change of Gaza–it’s an American one. With American F-16’s, Hellfire missiles, “bunker buster bombs” meant to penetrate 1 m of steel reinforced concrete, and it couldn’t have happened without an American decision. Without different American decisions NOW, the carpet bombing of Gaza will radically escalate and far more people will be killed in a number of hours and instability for all Israelis and Palestinians will increase.

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