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The Bush Administration Announces the Completion of 500 Miles of the Berlin Wall

December 19, 2008

Here in its final month of executive power, the Bush administration just announced that 500 miles of the US border wall have been completed…and they expect to get another 100 more done before President-elect Obama is sworn into office.


Nice to know our democracy continues to be crushed even in the waning hours of this “lame duck” session.

As hate crimes are on the rise towards the Latino population, immigrants are being abused and even dying in the poor conditions of our immigrant detention system, and hundreds of people are being killed along the US border, our government celebrates spending BILLIONS of dollars on a wall which has desecrated the sacred sites of native peoples, violated numerous environmental and religious freedom laws, and on top of it all is not even effective in reaching its purported (though faulty) goal of stopping undocumented immigration.

Is this really the vision we have for our country?

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