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thoughts as I take my coffee break

December 8, 2008

As anyone who knows me knows, I love food. I love eating food, preparing food and serving food to others. Half of my past work and volunteer positions have in some way involved food. I love bonding over food with family, co-workers and my house mates. I particularly love the ways that the organic, local and slow food movements can be used to heal the earth and prevent world hunger.

So, imagine my excitement on the metro this morning when I read about the Japanese government’s attempt to promote a local foods movement. It’s great that some people in Japan realize that eating local foods can save on fuel, promote a healthier diet and help build the local economy!

And just in case you think that the local foods movement would never make such a big impact in this country: check out this petition to urge President-elect Obama to replant a vegetable garden on the First Lawn, with the harvest going to the White House kitchen and local food pantries. This would make the White House an example of environmentally friendly, economically savvy, healthful eating and would be a great way to support the hungry in DC!

And as my boyfriend (who woke up early on Saturday to do some mid-winter compost tending as I slept in) can attest, veggie gardens do great in DC!

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