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December 4, 2008

More on this later (I’m feeling a bit brain dead now), but check out Dana Perino’s lame response to Helen Thomas’s question about the cluster bomb treaty:

MS. PERINO: Helen, did you have a question?

Q Yes. Is the President going to sign the anti-cluster bomb treaty? Apparently this is —

MS. PERINO: Right, this is a treaty that was passed out of the U.N. Security Council several months ago. We said then that, no, we would not be signing on to it. And so I think that the signing is actually — we did not participate in the passage of it, and therefore we’re not going to sign it either.

Q Why not?
MS. PERINO: What I have forgotten is all the reasons why, and so I’ll get it for you. (Laughter.)

Q Thank you. One other question.

MS. PERINO: Oh, okay.

Q Do you have any — do you see any linkage between the Pakistani government and the so-called terrorists?

MS. PERINO: Secretary Rice today in the region said that she would decline to comment before the investigation has some time to reach more conclusions. What we — some of the things that we do know about individuals coming from Pakistan are more well known, but I don’t think that anybody is making a direct link to state sponsor. But she said that we should decline to comment until the investigation has some more time to play itself out.

Okay, thank you.

You can read the full transcript here, and find out more about FCNL’s reaction to this disgraceful response here. I’m going to gather my thoughts and write more about this next week – or maybe someone will beat me to it tomorrow!

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