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Kerry to Chair Foreign Relations

November 20, 2008

Today, the Boston Globe reported that Senator Kerry would take over the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairmanship. From this news, it seems fairly certain the Senator Clinton will be the next Secretary of State for two reasons.

First, her name has been floating in the blogosphere for too long. Clinton supporters would be enraged if she didn’t get the post after such a contentious primary. Second, it would seem to coincide with Senator’s Obama governing philosophy – to build a cabinet of rivals. The questions on everyone’s mind: Can a President Obama reign everyone in, especially the Clintons? Will Bill and Hillary upstage the young president? Won’t it undercut Obama’s message of change? The answers are: Maybe, undoubtedly and yes.

But back to Kerry. Senator Kerry is a moderate democrat firmly entrenched in the political establishment. He is wise, and understands the complexities of South Asia probably better than anyone in the Senate. But I have never seen the spirit I saw in the videos of him testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Winter Soldier hearings nearly 4 decades ago.

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