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an example of the "challenges and humor in contributing to FCNL’s mission"

October 30, 2008

One of the jobs that interns share at FCNL involves taking guests on green building tours. Usually, the people that get green building tours are Quaker families or tourists who happened in off the street after seeing the War Is Not the Answer sign in our window, but occasionally we give tours to larger groups. Today, Laura, Stephen and I gave a tour to a wonderful group of Methodist high school-aged students from Indiana.

Like any group of high schoolers they were a bit rowdy and had been spending their time on the church bus (10 hours!) entertaining themselves with the Word of the Day game. (Like on Pee Wee’s playhouse. Remember? The game where everyone yells and screams every time they hear the word of the day?).

Anyone want to guess what their word of the day was today?

It was “green.”

Needless to say, that made the tour a lot more fun (and loud) than I had been expecting.

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