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Things I noticed last night.

October 3, 2008

The serious:

1) Gwen Ifill must have been reading her E-news over the past few months (or Reuters in the past few weeks) — because she brought up the five secretaries of state call for talks with Iran.

If only everyone just read their E-news more attentively.

And the absurd:

2) Sarah Palin’s youngest daughter is a ham, and quite camera saavy. I suspected as much during the Republican convention, when she was featured on national television styling her little brother’s hair with some of her own saliva. Last night she had enough sense to plant herself between Joe Biden and her mother after the debate, positioning her little body facing her mother with Senator Biden’s hands on her shoulders. The cover of every newspaper this morning featured photos of the vice-presidential candidates — and that little Palin girl.

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