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Of Models and Mortals

September 25, 2008

Ever heard of a “modelizer”? To make a somewhat ridiculous pop culture reference to the HBO show “Sex and the City,” they’re men who are obsessed with models.

Apparently the US Congress is a modelizer.

While doing background research on major immigration policy and issues that have come up in the 110th Congress, I discovered that while attempts to enact desperately needed comprehensive immigration reform failed because of partisan politics and the national influence of hate groups and right wing radio and TV talk shows, Congress did in fact manage to take some actions regarding immigration….FOR FASHION MODELS!

They decided to create a new subcategory of visas just for fashion models which grants them an initial period of five years in the United States which can easily be extended to ten. On the other hand, non-specialty occupation temporary worker visas are issued for an initial period of a year or less and cannot be extended past three years.

Not to discriminate against models, but considering the massive human rights violations taking place within the area of immigration–ranging from worker exploitation to illegal and indiscriminate raids to cruel and inhumane treatment on the border and detention centers–Congress is concerned about our visa regulations for models?!?!

I mean, seriously?

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