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The Nefarious Quaker Lobby

September 24, 2008

Today one of our co-workers sent a rather comical blog post around to the staff which criticized our position on reaching out to the President of Iran and our stance on peace. Apparently, we Quakers and allies have instilled fear in people’s hearts with our message that peace is possible.

A few highlights from the comments:

“The worst part is the Quaker Lobby is so influential. It’s so bad these days that a politician can’t even call for a war for fear of the Quaker Lobby. Even a hint of war-mongering and they start yelling about “anti-Quakerism.” It’s too bad they so skew the debate that we can’t even talk about war rationally any more. “

Yes, Jamie, the Quakers are fully committed to peace. They will not be remotely useful in Iranian saber-rattling. If only anyone in this world were fully committed to war, to balance those crazy @&$!s out….”

It’s well known that the Quaker lobby has many members of the United States government in their back pockets. The U.S. gives more monetary and military aid to Quakerstan than to any other nation. Their super-secret Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations–the Oatmen–routinely carries out assassinations all over the world, and has frequently been found to be spying on the United States government and military….thus it behooves us to follow Mr. Kirchick’s lead and keep a close watch on the nefarious Quaker lobby.

Haha! I love where I work.

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