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War is Not the Answer shows up on the National Stage…kind of

September 16, 2008

Our message was featured on the cover of The Atlantic the other day…well something like that. The cover article is “Why War is His Answer” referring to John McCain and his perspectives on war. It is a good article that gives insight into McCain. Check it out. Even though I just know the writer of the story saw one of our beautiful War is Not the Answer signs and ripped off our slogan and then negated it (well maybe not), I think it is good to talk about why increasing the size of the war machine is the only option both parties are looking at. Literally, both major parties advocate for increasing the size of the military.

When the military is the only program getting adequate federal funding, how do we expect to solve any of our problems with other means besides the military? How can anything but war be the answer when all that we are preparing for is war?

We have to put our money where our mouth is. We have start funding programs that are actually create peace. I had dinner with a friend that has worked in the State Department for a long time and he was saying that they have been chronically underfunded for a long time now, longer than Bush’s administration. Obviously, the problem reaches beyond bad policies of the current administration, it is an indicator in a flaw in our national thinking. As a nation, we assume that the military is the most important national priority. We rely on it to solve a great deal of problems that should never be in its realm of responsibility.

So, moral of the story, we need to keep up our quest to get Congress to fund development, the State Department, the UN, and other means that could actually create peace!


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