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I don’t know about you… but I need a break from BIG EVENTS

September 4, 2008

So, last night I hit a wall. Pratically every night since August 8th we have been expected to be glued to our television sets, watching epic feats. During the Olympics we were supposed to be awed by the athleticism of Michael Phelps and the prowess with which the Chinese handled hosting the world. The week after that we were obligated to tear up at the historic candidacy of Senator Obama (which is nothing to sneeze at, but is also emotionally draining). This week even more long dry speeches were thrown at us each night, as the Republican Convention encourages us to be enraged by the comments being made about Governor Palin.

I’m wiped. I can’t. watch. another. big. event.

May I suggest some alternative programming? We won’t give up our concern for the issues altogether (if you want to, I suggest netflixing Big Love — you’ll be totally absorbed), but will take them with some levity.

So turn off your t.v and turn on your computer (except, this is a blog so you’ll probably just have to open a new tab in your browser). Go here. Have you been to Grist before? They work in environmental news and are funny little devils. Enjoy your break from pomposity and grandeur. There is surely more to come before November 4th. (Oh, and then there’s January 20th. Take a break while you can!!)

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