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This is Kamala

September 3, 2008

Christine has been bugging me about writing on the intern blog for a really long time like maybe since I started here and today is sort of my last day so I am finally unable to avoid her about it any longer. My name is Kamala Russell and I work/worked (?) in the FCNL field department as a sort of summer intern. This summer was hectic apparently so they say and I filled in for a bunch of interns who left for the month of August. I just graduated from Sidwell Friends School and I start at U Chicago in two weeks.

I’m not a Quaker but I’ve gone to Quaker school my whole life so I guess I’m at least somewhat connected to the Quaker community, and like I had heard of FCNL before I met Joe Volk when he spoke at my school. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in FCNL to just get in touch with people here and try to slyly set some sort of volunteer thing up because this is a great place to work. Even though you might be doing officey things like folding a thousand pieces of paper, the paper could be a flyer going out to people in our network urging them to get active in promoting peace issues in the election year. ( !) Part of my job is also interacting with constituents and that was a lot of fun too because most of the people in our network are cute older folks who like talking to you on the phone or over email.

Everyone should send a photo of themselves with a WINA sign to so Stephen (the new Nick) can put it on the map!

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