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Former FCNL intern right on (Iran)

August 13, 2008

As a second year program assistant, I’ve already begun thinking about what to do next year: I’ve been seriously considering graduate school in communications theory, but also might want to stay working for a couple of years. I’m betting it’s going to be an anxious year – I don’t much care for uncertainty.

Examples like this Op-ed in the Washington Post, however, remind me that my two years in FCNL will hold me in good stead when exploring options for the future. Reza Aslan, an alum of FCNL, and his co-author Bernard Avishai make excellent points about the situation in Iran. (He’s also written a book I’ve been meaning to read: No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.) In the piece I see that hallmark FCNL careful consideration: using common sense to cut through some of the nonsense that can prevail on national and international stages.

I especially liked the response to Benny Morris’ Op-ed in the New York Times, which Kate sent around with the subject line “the only alternative to a “nuclear holocaust” is bombing Iran (one of scariest op-eds in US history it seems).” I was glad to have an expert’s take on such an inflammatory piece of writing, because, try as I might to keep up with all of FCNL’s issues, I am really better versed in best practices for communications than I am on the situation in the Middle East. Thank goodness FCNL helps foster people like Aslan, so I can read some sensible journalism once in a while.

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