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Joelle’s Summer Reading List

August 11, 2008

Today we have another summer reading list from a former FCNL intern. Many of you may remember Joelle from her occasional posts here on the intern blog. We at FCNL are lucky that while she has left the office, she’s stayed in the DC area to work on urban hunger issues, so we still occasionally get to run into her on the metro.

Summer Reading List 6:
Joelle Maruniak, (former) Legislative Assistant for Environmental Issues

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan
Where does our food come from, and how does it reach us? In this book, Michael Pollan gets up close and personal with food as he examines the U.S. food chain.

Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben
“Growth” is not a healthy path for our economy, McKibben posits in his latest book. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of living locally: producing our own food, generating our won energy, and entertaining ourselves.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver
In this investigative memoir, Kingsolver and her family chronicle how they spent a year living off of only home-grown and local food. This is a book to be enjoyed not only for its insight into our food economy, but also for its beautiful prose.

I have to admit that while all of the interns have amazing summer reading lists, I’m particularly partial to Joelle’s list. When she sent me her reading list, she joked about how all of her posts were about food. I love the way that she was able to combine her love of environmentalism with her love of hunger awareness by making a list of books about food politics (which also, coincidentally, happens to be one of my favorite issues!). I am also a bit partial to this list because it includes one of my all-time favorite authors (both for fiction and non-fiction), Barbara Kingsolver.

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