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Art! Peace!

February 22, 2008

Since coming to FCNL (since becoming an “independent adult” really) I have gotten good at sniffing out cool free things to do. At last I have found something that relates to my work here at FCNL.

As you may know (you will be reminded soon if you’re on our email list!) the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is coming up in March (this also means that my 5 year high school reunion is coming up –crazy). To reflect on this frustrating occasion a gallery here in DC has put on a show called PEACE NOW!
I haven’t seen the show yet (I just grabbed the news of it off but it sounds promising. We’ll see.

What’s more striking I think, is that war has become such a part of the fabric of our psyche that we have whole exhibits dedicated entirely to peace. I will be interested to see what this are looks like — will it resemble art from Weimar Germany (an example of which is seen above, Otto Dix’s “Skat Player”), a society caught between wars? Will it echo music and art of the Vietnam era? Will it use modern technology to depict images of war? Or is there something particular about this war, this new error of pervasive and chronic, but anything but total war? Is this art about war that is removed from war?

It sounds like I better hustle down to 7th Street NW and find out. If there’s something outstanding I’ll let you know. Get excited.

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