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What is that racket? More Adams Morgan shenanigans?

February 12, 2008

Because I am an crotchety old woman stuck in 22 year old’s clothing, this was a question I asked at 9 o’clock last Friday night. I was walking to a party at a friends house, and since I live two blocks from Adams Morgan (a now passe DC party neighborhood)I assumed that the honking and yelling I heard in the distance was just more 21 year olds testing their newly minted ids.

Turns out, it was Obama volunteers starting a ruckus on the corner of Columbia Ave and 18th Street NW. They may have begun the excitement, but everyone who passed, even taxi drivers, were getting into the act. “Well,” I thought “these are the kind of shenanigans I can get behind.”

And I was in luck.

The Hilary people were out on Saturday! More excitement that had nothing to do alcohol and girls wearing tank tops in February! Ahhh… Heaven.

(I didn’t see any GOP volunteers, although I did share a metro station with the CPACers last week — lots of Huckabee and McCain signs there)

Why all the excitement? It’s primary day today in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Get out and vote because I can’t — I’m still registered in NJ (I sent in my address change form today). I’ll be staying up too late tonight to listen to the returns…. presidential election season is my super bowl.

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