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A musing on the United States Congress

February 8, 2008

I agree with Trevor that Mitt Romney’s departure from the race is a bit of a head scratcher (as is the meaning of the meaningless phrase “a surrender to terror”). It was, however, a welcome respite from the habitual confusion that abounds in governing bodies of the land.

I present you with: the inexplicable metaphors, similes and symbolism of the U.S. Congress!

1) Pork — why are pet projects stuffed into appropriations bills referred to as pork? Why not a more interesting meat? One that is usually stuffed, perhaps? What about Foie Gras? If you ask me, imagining the food that is stuffed into that bird’s liver to make is so gras would make a much more vivid image.

2) Christmas trees — Senate opponents of the economic stimulus package referred to it this week as a “Christmas tree hung with ornaments”. Huh? What’s so bad about Christmas ornaments? Who are these grinches? I think hearing Senators talk about the “bling” included in the stimulus package would have been more amusing and quite frankly more accurate. (But then again, what harm did a little bling ever do?)

OR, the Congress could stop using these silly metaphors and start saying what they mean.

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