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Can this blog be any good?

February 1, 2008

Development committee came to FCNL today, and while I was down in the basement scavenging for left-overs (committee meetings = free food for interns) I has a conversation with Sharon about the blog. She asked me how many people read it, who they were, etc. Then she said she wasn’t that interested in blogging. Fine. I know that the interns fall in to roughly four categories when it comes to the blog: those that write on it, those that are scared of writing, those that don’t care, and those that think it is a waste of time. I think most of us don’t understand what one is (when even the NY Review of Books does) or how to successfully write on one.

But I realized that probably very few people other than the few interns who write on this blog actually read it.

I also got to thinking — can it be good? Can we make this blog interesting? More importantly — what the heck is it about? (Reason one it probably can’t be good: since this blog is semi-sponsored by FCNL, and I am employed by FCNL, I don’t feel comfortable using a more adult word in the previous sentence)

So, I raise this question — what are we writing about here? Ourselves? Our experiences at FCNL? Or is this a blog that pushes the policy issues of interest to FCNL? I am certainly inclined towards the former, perhaps because I am self-absorbed, and perhaps because I don’t work directly with policy issues.

What do we want this blog to be? What do the four of you who read it think? How could we get the message out better?

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