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The Cost of War

October 25, 2007

A new Congressional Budget Estimate projected the overall cost for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be nearly $2.4 trillion when its all said and done. Most disturbingly, the estimate is based on the assumption that U.S. forces would remain in Iraq until 2017.

This comes on the heels of President Bush’s additional request for $42.3 billion to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, putting the price tag for war at $196.4 billion just for fiscal year 2008. Budget analysts say the cost of war for this year alone could provide every uninsured American with health care.

Last night, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee David Obey said he would not “report a dime” of this money until the Administration sits down with the Democratic Leadership to negotiate a withdrawal of U.S. troops by January 2009.

Is a budget showdown en route?

In contrast, President Bush has threatened a veto for the majority of spending bills for 2008 because…the Democrats provided more money than President Bush requested. It is incredible how cynical and shameless this administration has proven.

The President is willing to throw endless amounts of U.S. tax dollars at imperial wars and empire building, yet vetoes a children’s health care bill because it would allow more uninsured children the benefits of this program. This is an Administration which lost touch with reality a long time ago. President Bush’s behavior suggest his remaining days in office will be marred by vain and egotistical attempts to reshape his public image and consolidate his legacy rather than do what’s right: withdraw from Iraq.

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