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2007-2008 Program Assistants Arrive at FCNL’s Green Building

September 24, 2007

A new class of Program Assistants has arrived at 245 Second St NE. We represent a range of ages and backgrounds, as well as diverse regions of the world. We come from France, Oregon, California, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Rhode Island and New Jersey, and all of us are new to DC.

A picture of FCNL’s program assistants, including three 2nd year PAs:

A picture of FCNL's program assistants, including three 2nd year PAs.

Clockwise from the top: Danny Hosein, Dan Allen, Nick Bauer, Claire Valentin, Caroline Anderson, Chris Bracken, Maureen Brookes, Joelle Maruniak, Kate Gould, Trevor Keck, Devin Helfrich and Sharon Franklet.

From reading this blog I assume that you are all familiar with Maureen, Devin and Chris, but here’s a bit about the rest of us (in our own words, full biographies available on FCNL’s website):

Danny Hosein
joined FCNL in the summer of 2007 as the organization’s first Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow. He discovered his love of politics and activism in San Antonio, where he helped coordinate a relief drive after the South Asian tsunami and a movement encouraging divestment from Sudan on campus. In his free time, Danny enjoys watching sports, reading, volunteering and meteorology.
Born in Waterloo, IA, Dan Allen spent his entire childhood in the great state of Iowa. His interest in politics was spurred by his participation in high school debate and he subsequently volunteered for local congressional and presidential campaigns. In his free time, Dan enjoys consuming (and playing) many sports, traveling, and working on his Spanish.

Nick Bauer
comes to FCNL from Rhode Island, where he graduated from Brown University in May of 2007. A “Convinced Friend,” Nick began attending Meetings for Worship with his family in 1997 and is currently a member of Westport Monthly Meeting in Massachusetts. In his free time, Nick enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, reading anything he can get his hands on, biking, hiking, sporting argyle socks, and culinary experimentation.

Claire Valentin
is originally from Lyon, France and she loves to travel. After graduating from Brown University she traveled across Romania by car with her father- a Romanian native. Most recently, she has visited St. Petersburg and Moscow with her parents, her brother and her little sister. Until the next trip, Claire is exploring the charming streets of D.C. and enjoying the enchanting world of Capitol Hill.

Caroline Anderson
came to FCNL in July 2007, after graduating from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in History. She is excited to explore DC, and in her free time enjoys reading in the park, watching movies, and hunting for good restaurants. She has also recently discovered a passion for strategic grocery shopping.

Prior to coming to FCNL, Joelle Maruniak served as a full-time AmeriCorps volunteer in rural Colorado where she split her time working in a homeless shelter and a homelessness prevention program. When she is not working, Joelle enjoys playing the flute and piano, reading, running, and practicing her Spanish.

Kate Gould
is greatly inspired by Quaker principles, which she learned from her many years as a camper and counselor in the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camping Program. Kate also loves wilderness adventures, practicing her Swahili, and exploring the vast networks of cultural diversity in Washington D.C.

Trevor Keck
comes to FCNL from San Diego, California. He has traveled in Europe and Morocco, and is proficient in French. During his free time, he enjoys reading, watching films, playing ultimate frisbee, speaking French, traveling, and lounging in quirky coffee shops.

Sharon Franklet
came to FCNL’s Native American advocacy program in September 2007 from central California, where she worked as a botanist at Pinnacles National Monument. Now in DC, she likes its friendliness, arts, and greenery –yes, the plants!– as well as the time zone ease of making evening calls to the West Coast.
We’re still settling into our new jobs and homes, but have already delved into the world of Capitol Hill. On Friday we finished three weeks of training, and are full of fresh ideas about how FCNL approaches its work and how to help the organization achieve its goals. Look to this blog as a chronicle of the next 12 months, as we learn more about FCNL, DC, and how to change policy. Hopefully we will offer a new perspective on Washington insider politics. We can’t wait to share our thoughts with you!
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